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Alison Sties, Sties Creative Agency

Alison Sties

Founder, Print Media Specialist

My college experience included creative writing, performing arts, and visual art courses. My first job at an ad agency made it clear that visual arts were the better fit and I’ve never looked back.

I managed an editorial and design department, and worked for a major manufacturer’s art department into the early 2000s. In 2004, I started what has now become Sties Creative Agency.

Print is alive and well, becoming more experiential and interactive. I love bringing brands to life and promoting them through print media. I’ve worked on pieces for political candidates, national food and restaurant brand collateral, licensed merchandise catalogs for auto maker brands, you name it. Let me know how I can help your brand.

Mark Sties, Sties Creative Agency

Mark Sties

Digital Creative Director

My art degree from Virginia Commonwealth University taught me to experiment, learn and embrace any kind of project. I wanted to work for George Lucas’ Industrial Light and Magic or as a Disney Imagineer, but wound up in the agency world.

I’ve rebranded a national radio network, recreated a tv game show for a Dallas megachurch, photographed historic homes and art like a 7.5 million dollar Rodin sculpture, and I’ve created animation for The Ark Encounter museum. Every week is really different, and I love that.

It’s a huge perk to work with my wife and collaborate with our son who owns a Gen Z oriented creative agency. My favorite types of projects take me behind the scenes with special access to brands, personalities and places to capture engaging media.


What makes our brand agency refreshingly different.

We’ve produced video for Ford, launched websites for clients across the country, put companies at the top of Google search, etc. Our decades of brand building experience achieve results, but our approach and values are unique.



After years of creative department and agency leadership, we started our brand building agency in 2004. Our client base is national and diverse, a mix of multi-million dollar companies, life-changing non-profits and successful solopreneurs.

Our brand building tools include: market research, brand identity and strategy, digital and print marketing, lifestyle media production, etc.


Each client brand is unique, requiring customized strategy and finely tailored solutions. We don’t believe in “one-size-fits-all” approaches.


Our agency is set up to focus on the quality of work, not the quantity. We use our curiosity and imagination to achieve client results, not to pursue stuffy agency awards.


Clients work directly with us, the agency owners. There’s no FAQs or support ticket system. We’re accessible by call, Zoom or email. We rarely outsource project work so we can ensure high quality output. Client goals never get “lost in translation.”


Proper discovery always leads to delivering work on time and on budget.


We are known for our friendliness, transparency and integrity.

Guiding Principles

We are a Christian owned creative agency. We endeavor to honor God and serve people according to these scriptural principles:

Purpose of Work

There is more to life than just making money. (Ecclesiastes 2:21-26)

Professionalism & Respect

We show respect to our clients and employees and we appreciate it in return. (Matthew 7:12, Ephesians 4:29)

Honesty, Good Value, Fairness

No business can be truly successful if these are just buzzwords. We believe we reap what we sow. (Deuteronomy 25:13-16, Psalm 37:1-40)

Intentionality & Excellence

When we provide thoughtful, professional solutions to our clients it’s always a win-win. (Proverbs 22:29, Colossians 3:22-24, Proverbs 21:5, Luke 14:28-30)


We deliver peak creative energy for our clients when we are regularly refreshed ourselves. (Mark 2:27)

Giving Back

We consistently give a little extra to our clients. Each year we intentionally take on some free project work to help the community. We are always blessed for doing so. (Luke 6:38)


We succeed when we submit our business plans to God and follow His leading. (Proverbs 16:3, Proverbs 16:9, Proverbs 16:19, Romans 12:2, Psalm 127:1)

The Good News

We believe God can use business relationships to plant and water seeds of faith leading to transformed lives. (John 3:17, 2 Corinthians 5:17, Mark 16:15)

Sties Design Agency, LLC (doing business as Sties Creative Agency) offers B2B (business to business) services only. We reserve the right to decline participating in projects which involve adult content / pornography, alcohol, gambling, obscenity, abusive / threatening language or controversial topics. Additional limits, terms and conditions may apply.

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