Good News

Needed For Business & Life

Have you ever faced a challenge in your business where you needed help to move forward? How about in your personal life?

For me, it was a health crisis that nearly ended my life. I’ve been invited to share my story through books, radio interviews and at venues like The University of Notre Dame. During one radio interview the host commented, “You really picked yourself up by your bootstraps.” Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Trials humble even the strongest and most successful leaders. No one enjoys feeling helpless when it comes to a health crisis, broken relationship or financial trial. By default we usually do go into “bootstraps mode.” We surround ourselves with new knowledge, positivity and things that make us “happy.” These may alleviate surface- level symptoms for a while, but at some point we are forced to replace, “Here is what I’m going to do…” with the admission, “I’m completely powerless to change this situation, to change myself.” But there is hope…

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In the midst of my crisis some unexpected questions popped into my head. “What if God is more than the Sunday school “stories” of my youth? What if He is real? What if He actually knows me?” I was caught off guard because I wasn’t a religious person and didn’t care for church to be honest. Desperate, I responded with a raw, authentic prayer, “God, if you don’t intervene, I’m not going to live much longer. If you do care, please help me.” Over the next few months I found out just how real God is. He intervened in amazing ways and continues to transform my life.


Just like in business, at some point we all need help and encouragement to take a next step in life. Sties Creative Agency believes God directs the location, size and purpose of our business to connect us with people who need to hear the good news of Jesus. We don’t have all the answers, but God does. We would love nothing more than to share the hope we’ve been given with you.

Truths That Transform

  1. God is actually real. His goodness, wholeness and justice are more wonderful than we can fully comprehend.
  2. It can be chaotic, confusing and self destructive if we live by our own shifting values and rules.
  3. We all need help in our spiritual powerlessness and God has provided the answer through Jesus.
  4. Starting that relationship requires trusting Jesus as the only one who exchanges our hopeless condition with abundant, everlasting life.

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